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Water Removal

We treat all floods as emergencies and move as quickly as possible to limit damage to your property and belongings.

Standing water either by a leak or storm can cause extensive interior and structural damage. Blue Star Restoration & Contracting uses commercial grade equipment to quickly & thoroughly remove water from your home or business before further damage can be done. Time is truly of the essence in a flood situation.

Water damage, if left untreated or not properly treated, can lead to damage that extends well beyond a building’s structure. And the more time that passes, the costlier the repairs and restoration become. Flooding affects ceilings, floors, cabinets, carpet, and furnishings. If you live in a multi-story home, or a multi-story business, water leaking from the upper floor can inflitrate into lower levels.

After water has been removed and the property dried out, it is essential that a licensed professional evaluate and test the affected area(s) for mold and microbial activity. Blue Star Restoration & Contracting is IICRC licensed and trained to do just that! Also, as licensed contractors, we can then get to work restoring your space to its original, and even better, condition!

Types of Water Damage

Category 1 – Minimum Risk

This is classified as clean water from a sink overflow, broken water or steam line, or rainwater infiltration and represents the lowest health risk. Damaged building materials and furnishings have the best potential for being salvaged. Response time should be within 24 to 48 hours. Beyond that, microbial growth begins to lower the water quality.

Category 2 – Moderate Risk

This is classified as water from storm drain back-ups, treated cooling water, surface water, fire suppression systems and discharges from equipment. Water in Category 2 presents a higher risk of disease or infection to those who come into direct contact with the contaminated area because of contamination and microbial growth. Damaged building materials are much more difficult to salvage.

Category 3 – Maximum Risk

This is classified as water from sewers, rivers, seawater, and surface water. This water presents the highest risk of containing infectious viruses, bacteria and parasites. Category 3 water has the ability to cause disease or infection from both direct and indirect contact. Category 3 water may also contain toxic and allergenic materials.

Our Process



Our team will arrive as quickly as possibly, normally with minutes, to inspect your property. We will take whatever action is necessary to prevent further contamination.  At that time, we can also determine what category risk you are facing.


We use air & water testing to verify your category of risk.  With this information in hand, we can make decisions regarding what materials can be salvaged and what has to be replaced.  It also helps us understand if the use of biocides is necessary.


Stopping the flow of water into the structure is the first critical step.  Once the leak has been stopped, we will use commercial-grade equipment to remove any standing water and/or contaminants.  Next the area will be sterilized, the air filtered through HEPA filtration, and dried.


Once the property has been inspected, tested, treated and restored to its original condition, the process is documented.  The prepared documentation can be used for adjusting, reimbursement, and insurance claims.  We are happy to work along side you when applying for your insurance settlements.

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