Blue Star Restoration's Equipment Rentals in McLean County & Owensboro, KY

Blue Star offers equipment rental for homeowners, contractors, and the do-it-yourselfers. We rent air movers, carpet dryers, & dehumidifiers and we will offer advice on which type of equipment you're going to need and how to use it!

** Remember**

The faster any material is dried, the less likely mold will develop inside your home or business!

Air-Movers & Carpet Dryers

This equipment is used mostly to bring out moisture that is in materials, such as carpets from water leaks to spills, into their air for a quicker drying process.

Rental Rate: $20.00 per day/each unit



This equipment collects the moisture from the air & transfers this moisture into a drain or plastic jug, if draining is not an option.

Rental Rate: $55.00 per day/each unit