About Blue Star

Blue Star Restoration is full-service restoration contractor that is fully insured and brings many years of experience serving the surrounding county areas. Blue star's top priority is to always service our community with "honest & ethical" business practices. We pride ourselves in serving this community with professionalism & understanding for the crisis a home or business owner goes through during certain events.

Understanding the process

As you read the many services that Blue Star Restoration provides, we would like to explain some of its processes so that you the home or business owner can make an informative decisions & have clear direction of how we can help you through a difficult time.

Let's get started

When you the home or business owner has had some type of damage or crisis arise, first step is to call your insurance company to inform them of what's happened. Next step is that either you or your insurance company will place a call to us here at blue star which then we will contact you to set up a meeting to go over how we can help you through an orderly process. We pride ourselves on how we work with our clients as Blue Star will offer options & explain those options to let you the home or business owner, decide what you want to do. We will lay out the steps involving you the home or business with informative ways that will get you back to where you were before the damage.

Water removal

Standing water can cause interior & structural damage. Blue Star gets it out fast & thoroughly to prevent future damage.

Structure drying

Blue Star offers high quality structure drying at completive prices. With our equipment, drying out materials are done at a much faster rate. Call us today for a quote.

Water damage repairs

When water damage hits, what matters most is a timely response, quality service & a job well done. Always check around your patio doors that water is not finding its way into your home! Discoloration around your tub or toilet is a great indicator you have a leak. Water can buckle your laminate/wood/tile floor. Do you know what is in your crawlspace? Water left in areas too long not only damage structural surfaces, but can lead to "mold" which then leads to more costly repairs. If you suspect or see the onset of water, contact us here at blue star to get those areas dried.


When mold is an issue, time & costs are essential! You will need a wise, experienced & honest consultant to help you find the "best solution" for you & your family. With our "free" in home evaluations & consultations, leaving your family and business with peace of mind is our mission.

Mold-pre-testing services

If Blues Star has discovered either mold or other intrusions in your home, we can provide you and your loved ones with our mold/air-quality pre-testing services that can provide peace of mind that the air you and your family are in, is safe. We will take samples in and around your home or business that will indicate what kinds of intrusions to help us then determine how to treat & eliminate the problem. Call us here at blue star to schedule an appointment to have your home or business tested.


When water damage remains over time, not only can structural damage & repairs be costly, but "mold" develops and this can lead to "health-hazards" affecting you and your family. At Blue Star, we can "remove & treat" affected areas damaged by water & mold. If you want to learn more about how we can help you and your family or business through a "water damage/mold-remediation" then please call blue star for your "free in home/business estimates".

  • FIRE-DAMAGE: When fire is met with water, the damage can be overwhelming. Always check your hot water heaters, furnace, and be sure to clean the vents leading to and from your dryer! Many fires start from these avenues. If your home has a fireplace, make sure you get inspections to check for clogs or leaks. Soot from fires can gets into cabinets, upstairs, rugs-your appliance, computers, etc. Fires leaves no room untouched
  • STORM DAMAGE: A storm can destroy a home in seconds! Wind, Rain, Lightening! Let us help you through the process and steps needed to get you back into your home quickly! Cleaning up debris from a storm can be dangerous! Don't attempt to climb your roof and check the damage from a storm. Call us here at Blue Star, we can determine what needs to be done.

Our team

Our qualified staff members are trained within the scope of their specialty fields to provide you the customer or business with our best in knowledge & quality service.

Our goal

Blue Star's priority is to provide you the home or business owner with excellent customer service along with our expertise advice & solutions to help you make your home or business a safe environment.

We specialize in several key restoration services such as

Water damage & repairs, mold-consulting & remediation, fire repairs due to structural damage and contents cleaning & storm repairs. We would like to serve you the home or business owner when or if the times comes that our services are required.

We pride ourselves on how we work with our clients by offering a variety of "Options" that explain how you the homeowner would like us here at Blue Star to proceed in helping you put back your home.